"Association of more than 15 years"

We have been associated with Baker Gauges since 2002. In those days people could not understand the concept of branding. There were very few companies like Baker who trusted us with handling their brand.

We are not working like an advertising agency or design agency. We have practically bridged the gap between the marketing team of a company and what they really required for actual sales.

case study : BAKER GAUGES

Client: Baker Gauges

TYPE: Established Multinational Brand in Gauging Solutions

Services Provided

Consultation and brand strategies


Major tasks:
1. Converting single page leaflets into a comprehensive product catalogue comprising of all products 

2. Creating a corporate movie detailing out various departments and manufacturing processes

3. Upgrading to new a website with streamlined content

Technical Catalogue

✓ Gathering all the content was a major task

✓ We worked on streamlining the content.
✓ Standardising the flow of the content was very important to bring overall consistency
✓ So standardised features of each product, schematics, product photography, tabulated content, etc

✓ There were over 200 products
✓ Created design layouts and tested across various product categories

✓ Created final design of the entire catalogue and created dummies.

✓ 14 variants of the entire dummy till final approval were made

✓ We were involved in the final off-set printing as it was very critical

First Copy
First Copy to First binded prototype
Worked on finer details
Final Output
Created a mutli-device compatible interactive CD program of the catalogue
Corporate Website with Content Management System

Mutli-device compatible website with a portfolio of over 200 products.

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