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MFoods is a startup focusing on food processing and preservation. We started working at a seed stage when their idea was just getting formed. They envisioned to create a single roof post harvest facility with ripening chambers, pre-cooling chambers, IQF Individual Quick Freezing, Blast Freezer, Plate Freezer and Cold Storage. The idea was to mobilise local farm producers and create a professional retail/B2B brand for clean farm products for local and international markets.


Our involvement with MFoods was from the inception of the company. Frequent visits to see the developments of the plant and understand the direction of the project shaping up.

The idea of our brand development goes beyond just creating a logo or brochures. Our early stage involvement helped to portray the magnitude and capabilities of this project. We meticulously documented its project development and upon completion some of it was also useful for acquiring government subsidy.

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